Teatr Muzyczny Capitol


Premiere on October 13, 2017

Duration: 3.5 hours with one intermission


Suitable for audiences aged 18+

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start.

Safety rules in the theater: please read before arrival.

A masterful display of creative imagination.

This performance will surely go down in the history of Macbeth’s staging.
Radio Wrocław

  • 2018: Honorable Mention at the 25th Shakespeare Festival in Gdańsk for the artistic and choreographic concept of the performance
  • 2019: Golden Pocket, Award of the Stage Design and Costume Festival in Lublin – Grand Prix for the team, award for stage design and costumes for Agata Duda-Gracz

11th century Scotland: this is a place and time where human life does not matter much. A man is worth as much as his deeds in battle, a woman – if she gives birth to healthy sons. Murder is a way to get rid of enemies and a method of succession to the throne. Ruthlessness and courage are prized, while compassion or doubts are a flaw. Therefore, Macbeth’s first crime makes the next ones necessary. The mechanism activated by a single decision will eventually annihilate its architect, taking away his peace of mind. In a world that has once run red with blood, no one has clean hands now.

Macbeth by Agata Duda-Gracz is a story of temptation and guilt, of a germ of the evil that we carry within us, and of antiquity and Christianity’s heritage, tragically intertwined in us. She analyzes the relationships between the characters with great precision: looking for kinships and motives, she reaches to historical sources and creates an ambiguous, moving background for the main threads of the famous drama.

Photo: Greg Noo-Wak © Teatr Muzyczny Capitol we Wrocławiu


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